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Meet Everly Quinn

Okay, little Miss Everly Quinn is here today to say HELLO. She was our very first Brand Rep. Her amazing Mama, Amanda, is an Orange County photographer, and can be found here. Amanda had purchased several headbands from the shop. When little miss Ev was only about 10 Months old, we were smitten with the photos that arrived in our inbox just a few days after her Mama’s package had arrived in her mailbox. Lets be honest, nothing makes a shop owner more happy, excited and over the moon, but an email filled with photos of customers sporting their handmade goods. Amanda captured Everly wearing her lil’ cupcake goods and we knew we had to have her on our team. It’s all a blur now, but we are confident that Everly was the start of our Brand Rep search and “lets dive in head first and go full force with a Brand Rep Program.” She forever will hold a very special place in our hearts. Its hard to believe this little princess is already approaching a year plus a few months old…Everly is sharing her discount shopping code with you today, head over to the shop and pick up something for 10% off, heck your whole order will be 10% off, use coupon code: CUPCAKE01.

Everly Quinn

Meet Finley Grace

Let’s introduce you all to the amazing littles behind the lil cupcake shop. I dedicate this week to the amazing brand reps that we are beyond fortunate to have. During the Fall of 2014, October to be exact, we decided that our items needed to be featured on the noggins, bodies and whatever’s, of little ones around the nation. What better way to display your handmade goods for littles! It makes more sense to show off your fun fabrics, patterns, and goods on the littles who they are suited for, right? We hosted a fun competition, well, more like a “post your best pics of your baby darlings in fun products.” Last Fall we chose 5 of our favorites to represent the lil’ cupcake. First on the list, is Miss Finley. When Fin joined the lil’ cupcake family she was just 4 Months old, and now is almost a whopping 9 months old!

It has been so fun to watch her grow, so hard to believe she has been with the lil’ cupcake family since she was only 4 Months old. We adore her Mama, Brittany, she seriously rocks the camera like nobodies business, but after all she has a pretty darn amazing model. Fin has the most amazing blue eyes, perfect round little face, and personality to light up the room! We are beyond grateful to have Finley as a member of our family, and we adore her! If you feel like grabbing some awesome goodies in the shop today, Finley is sharing her shopping code, which will save you 10%, enter code: CUPCAKE02.


Penelope Lane Boutique: Spring 2014

PLB Spring 2014Oh boutique season, how we have a love/hate relationship. I love participating in Boutiques, meeting new people, buying awesome handmade goodies and catching up with all the amazingly talented vendors. This past weekend, on March 29, the lil’ cupcake kicked off boutique season. Penelope Lane Boutique is one of my favorites. I just adore Nancy and Sarah the two master minds behind all the organization, hard work, social media shout outs and so much more.

I’ll admit, I always have big plans on how I’m going to start sewing, creating and prepping weeks in advance, and as usual, I’m busting my butt and mass producing the week and usually night before. I usually always magically have a ton of inventory with me, which is important to me. This show was BUSY, the busiest show I’ve ever had. I was so thankful my dear friend Monick stayed with me at my booth, helped me bag orders, went out and got us lunch and allowed me to run to the bathroom and get in a little shopping while she manned the chaos.

Without mentioning digits, and numerical values, it was pretty dang awesome! I did the best I’ve ever done, and for that, I am so grateful.

Oh, hey there!

photo-13Finally a moment of peace and quiet. Finally a moment to sit by myself in the Library at HOAG Hospital and write. I’m in the surgical waiting room, non the less, waiting for my Dad to get out of surgery. Nervous, but I know he will be fine when they remove his kidney stone that’s his ‘baby,’ as he tells the Nurses. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a moment to myself, to sit, gather my feelings and come to my happy little blog. So much has been going on. So many changes. So many new endeavors, milestones, and experiences. I look forward to making it a priority to come to this little place of mine. It’s been way to long and long overdue. Here are some updates for the time being:

-I am no longer working Full-Time as a Registered Nurse. I’m working per-diem at both hospitals. What in the heck does that mean? It means I’m working about half the hours I was before.

-I have lost 25 lbs. I’ve hit my first weight loss goal, which was to lose 25 lbs. by my Birthday.

-Oh , I had a Birthday, I’m a year older, and wiser. Cheers to being 33!

-I’be been creating lots and lots of new items for my cute little shop, and the shop has been blessing me beyond belief with plenty of orders

-Our friends Karin and Josh got married, we got to be a part of their special day.

-My beautiful cousins’ littles turned one. They’re so precious and darling.

-My relationship with Mr. D is going amazing, better then ever, can you imagine that after 10 years?

-It’s boutique season, I had my first one last weekend and it was my best one yet


Shop Happenings

newproductThe shop has been forever growing and I couldn’t be more happy. I’ve been trying to create new fun products when I have an inch of time to spare. I picked up some new fun fabrics that are perfect for Spring and Summer. I’m working hard on getting things listed in the shop and ready for my upcoming boutiques. The Diaper straps are going to be a new offered product for those busy mamas who just want to grab a diaper or two and a few wipes. So fun and exciting! Stay tuned…

hello monday// Missing in Action Recap



Well… Hello, hello, hello.

I’ve been missing in action over here, on this blog of mine. I’ve had “blog posts’ noted on my to do lists, however, I’ve yet to complete my to do’s. What have you all been up to? I’ve been busy, go figure! But a good busy… Let me fill you in.

IMG_2945We were in Maui at the end of January, for some much needed time away, hanging out with our awesome friends from Seattle and enjoying some sunshine…

IMG_3076I’ve been working hard on my fitness journey, eating right, working out and finding time for ME, happy to say I’m down 14 lbs.

IMG_2909The shop has been keeping me VERY busy, trying to create new fun products and work on my branding

Oh… I’ve been working at the HOSPITAL(s), duh! Thats a given. Just wanted to pop in for a Hello Monday post! Maybe I’ll get back on track! Happy Monday!


Magical moments rarely happen, but when they do, they send you over the moon. It wasn’t but a few months ago, when my little ole’ handmade shop hit 500 Sales, and then BAM this week, I reached 600. It’s funny how things happen, I try and create new product when I can or dream up something new and fun. This week was yet another milestone. Etsy has been beyond wonderful, and to hit 600 SALES on Etsy just gave me the reassurance that I needed to keep my shop open. I work tons of hours and have a stack of priorities the size of Africa, but the shop makes me happy, creating makes me happy.

photo 1-1I have had probably 2,000 sales, if you narrowed it down to all the boutiques I’ve done and the wholesale orders, perhaps even more. But when you see numbers here, on your main site, they make you smile and feel awesome!

Thank you to all my amazing customers and supporters or my handmade business, for the Month of November, please take 20% your order, on me, Coupon Code: 600SALES


N E W Goodies in the shop

I’ve been ordering tons of new fabric lately, but orders have been piling in, so in between I’ve been trying to create new fun headbands, beanies and tons more. Meet the new headbands, oh and a new beanie too, all available in the shop now.

IMG_9047A Z T E C  A N N I E

IMG_9054F E A T H E R L E E

IMG_9051P R A N C E R

photo 4W H I M S I C A L  W O O D S I E

photo 1W H I M S I C A L W O O D S I E beanie & headband

Meet the new ‘girls’


The Shop has been extremely busy. Heck I can’t complain. I just launched the new H O L I D A Y, knotted Organic Cotton Headband line this week. I plan on designing or picking out a few more prints for the next launch of headbands… Can’t wait! I’ve been having tons of requests for Adult size Headbands as well, just ask and you shall receive.

Meet Vixen


Meet Tinsel


Meet Rooftop

IMG_9002Meet Holly

IMG_8995I hope you LOVE them as much as I do…

hello monday

mwHello Monday and Hello my neglected blog. I’ve been trapped in the guest bedroom, a.k.a. Craft Boutique Prep headquarters. I have taken over and it is not a pretty site in there. I’m actually ahead of the game this boutique, imagine that, but it’s still a lot of prep work, especially with the new branding. I’m saying hello to a new week, fresh new blog start, and another busy week ahead of me. I’ve promised myself not to work on boutique business after Thursday! Whoop Whoop. Mr. D left on a business trip early yesterday morning and I miss him already. He never leaves town, so it’s weird. Thank goodness I’m keeping busy and have lots to do around the house. Work has been busy as usual, testing my patience, but what else is new.

Hello to so many new things going on in my life, Hello to a new week, Hello to Penelope Lane Boutique this Saturday, Baby showers and Birthday parties this weekend coming up. Hello to a week of blogging.