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Lost, but not forgotten


This neglected place of mine, the blog. The blog has been thought about on numerous occasions, sometimes a few times throughout the day. I always have great ambitions, goals & plans for this space of mine. For one reason or another, they never seem to get from this constant idea flowing brain of mine to this little login page on world press. Well, low and behold, the neurons were firing tonight, and instead of thinking out loud, I logged in. Shocked that I even could recall the password to get to this point. To sit here and say how busy and crazy life has been would be absurd, to say that the shop has been busier than ever would be factual, and to say that my “Nurse” career, “girlfriend” to the corporate business owner, aka “Office Manager Girl” have been slow, would be a fib. It’s so surreal how life catches up with you in the most mysterious ways. I always tell myself, “If I had 100 hours in one day I could get so much accomplished.” Factual? , or reality? , I would probably just take a nap & tell myself, “I’ll get to the to-do list later.” It’s hard to believe that March is just 6 days away, you know what that means? I’ll be a year older, HELLO 34! How the heck did you get here so damn fast. It feels like yesterday that I was turning the big 3-0! There have been some not.so.fun things going on in life, but there have also been some amazing things blessing us in so many ways. I hope that these neurons will continue to fire and that I will come back to this space of mine. It feels amazing to put these memories, thoughts and ambitions to good use, & let my fingers do the sharing. I may be lost, but I will not be forgotten.

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