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Lost, but not forgotten


This neglected place of mine, the blog. The blog has been thought about on numerous occasions, sometimes a few times throughout the day. I always have great ambitions, goals & plans for this space of mine. For one reason or another, they never seem to get from this constant idea flowing brain of mine to this little login page on world press. Well, low and behold, the neurons were firing tonight, and instead of thinking out loud, I logged in. Shocked that I even could recall the password to get to this point. To sit here and say how busy and crazy life has been would be absurd, to say that the shop has been busier than ever would be factual, and to say that my “Nurse” career, “girlfriend” to the corporate business owner, aka “Office Manager Girl” have been slow, would be a fib. It’s so surreal how life catches up with you in the most mysterious ways. I always tell myself, “If I had 100 hours in one day I could get so much accomplished.” Factual? , or reality? , I would probably just take a nap & tell myself, “I’ll get to the to-do list later.” It’s hard to believe that March is just 6 days away, you know what that means? I’ll be a year older, HELLO 34! How the heck did you get here so damn fast. It feels like yesterday that I was turning the big 3-0! There have been some not.so.fun things going on in life, but there have also been some amazing things blessing us in so many ways. I hope that these neurons will continue to fire and that I will come back to this space of mine. It feels amazing to put these memories, thoughts and ambitions to good use, & let my fingers do the sharing. I may be lost, but I will not be forgotten.

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Overused & Undefined




















Perhaps it is because I work in the health field, more specifically mental health. I often hear the diagnosis “Bipolar,” being thrown around, spit out of peoples mouths and on the tips of tongues of so many people. It’s inevitable I guess, people assume if one has “mood swings,” or “highs & lows,” they should be deemed and labeled: BIPOLAR. The fact that life is like a roller coaster ride for almost anyone and everyone, means that everyone suffers from mental illness and we are are Bipolar, right?

I had pinned this quote (above) on pinterest awhile back & came across it while visiting my pin boards last night. I re-read it and thought how it suites me so well, describes my life & my emotions. Sometimes I wonder who I’d be without my sensitive side. I think as I age I tend to find myself reacting more to things that rub my heart the wrong way, words that make my mind cringe, or circumstances that arise that are completely out of my control. My days are usually filled with highs and lows, I think that is what one would expect from life, right? That doesn’t make me bipolar or mean that I’m moody, that just means I’m human & living life.

Life is what you make it. This quote makes me smile, giggle and feel embarrassed for those who choose to label people. Life is too short to worry and depict why people are sensitive, why people have emotions that they allow to be heard & seen by others, why people judge people based on their personal roller coaster ride. Be your own voice, be heard, and don’t allow yourself to pick up any pieces to YOUR puzzle, because that puzzle is your own, and you are not broken.

Oh, hey there!

photo-13Finally a moment of peace and quiet. Finally a moment to sit by myself in the Library at HOAG Hospital and write. I’m in the surgical waiting room, non the less, waiting for my Dad to get out of surgery. Nervous, but I know he will be fine when they remove his kidney stone that’s his ‘baby,’ as he tells the Nurses. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a moment to myself, to sit, gather my feelings and come to my happy little blog. So much has been going on. So many changes. So many new endeavors, milestones, and experiences. I look forward to making it a priority to come to this little place of mine. It’s been way to long and long overdue. Here are some updates for the time being:

-I am no longer working Full-Time as a Registered Nurse. I’m working per-diem at both hospitals. What in the heck does that mean? It means I’m working about half the hours I was before.

-I have lost 25 lbs. I’ve hit my first weight loss goal, which was to lose 25 lbs. by my Birthday.

-Oh , I had a Birthday, I’m a year older, and wiser. Cheers to being 33!

-I’be been creating lots and lots of new items for my cute little shop, and the shop has been blessing me beyond belief with plenty of orders

-Our friends Karin and Josh got married, we got to be a part of their special day.

-My beautiful cousins’ littles turned one. They’re so precious and darling.

-My relationship with Mr. D is going amazing, better then ever, can you imagine that after 10 years?

-It’s boutique season, I had my first one last weekend and it was my best one yet


hello monday// Missing in Action Recap



Well… Hello, hello, hello.

I’ve been missing in action over here, on this blog of mine. I’ve had “blog posts’ noted on my to do lists, however, I’ve yet to complete my to do’s. What have you all been up to? I’ve been busy, go figure! But a good busy… Let me fill you in.

IMG_2945We were in Maui at the end of January, for some much needed time away, hanging out with our awesome friends from Seattle and enjoying some sunshine…

IMG_3076I’ve been working hard on my fitness journey, eating right, working out and finding time for ME, happy to say I’m down 14 lbs.

IMG_2909The shop has been keeping me VERY busy, trying to create new fun products and work on my branding

Oh… I’ve been working at the HOSPITAL(s), duh! Thats a given. Just wanted to pop in for a Hello Monday post! Maybe I’ll get back on track! Happy Monday!

without ME, I have nothing

photo-8This morning on my 2.5 mile walk, I looked up, took this picture, & found beauty in everything around me. Today is day #22 of my vacation, tomorrow I go back to work. I never really thought a whole lot about what I wanted to accomplish during my time off. Most of my friends and family told me to do ‘nothing,’ to just ‘relax’ and do whatever I wanted. I will admit, those things are very hard for me to do.

The first 7 days of my vacation is a blur. It was filled with rushing around, decorating, cleaning and prepping for the holidays. It was almost more work being off than just going to the hospital for a 12 hour shift. Once the holidays were over, I fell into a slump. Lost, feeling alone and not sure what to do with myself. Thankfully I snapped out of that after a few days. What I vowed to do for myself on December 29, was to be more ACTIVE. I’ve felt so much better since last Monday and I’m a little worried and apprehensive to go back to work tomorrow. It’s hard to believe that in the last 8 days I’ve learned so much about myself, and have begun to fall in love with the person I am becoming.

I’ve learned that I have to take time for ME

I’ve learned that without myself, I have nothing and can be nothing for anyone else

I’ve taken time everyday to be more ACTIVE, to walk, to eat healthy and to avoid temptation

I’ve grown closer and closer to Mr. D everyday, it’s amazing how much you can give and put forth in a relationship when you’re feeling better about yourself

I’ve been living without fear and anxiety

I’ve learned that the little things that don’t matter, can wait

I’ve learned to smile again and find JOY in everyday life


hello monday

hellomondayHello and Happy Monday. I’m back to my hello monday’s and will be featuring pic collages in black and white. Not sure why I chose to do black and white, but I did, and love it! This is my second to last day off work, I go back on Wednesday and reality hasn’t really hit yet. BAM! Come Wednesday it’s back to the daily grind, but hopefully not for long {details coming later}. This past week was productive, sort of, and filled with more fun memories with my family. It’s been so awesome seeing my huge loving family 2 x in 3 weeks, I hope this year holds more events and gatherings for us to all hang out.

PicMonkey CollagemonHello to climbing up on the roof, taking down ALL the Christmas lights and having the neighbor rescue me! Next time I’ll listen to Mr. D and not try and do it myself.

Hello to clean and healthy eating

Hello to filing loads and loads and loads of paperwork with the pups for Mr. D

Hello to being more active, riding my bike to get a healthy lunch

Hello to a Sunday, helping my cousin Mal and her soon to be sister in law prep for a rustic wedding with burlap and lace

Hello to such an amazing and fun night with my family at Starr Ranch celebrating my Aunt Kathy turning 60! {full post to come}

Hello to decorating the mantel for our everyday life… Reality hit, the holidays are over

Happy Monday, Hope you have a great week!


I forgo resolutions…

Happy New Year. I’m writing this post on New Years Eve. My house is quiet, the boys & pups are asleep, I’m enjoying a glass of wine and just taking time out to reflect on this past year and create goals for 2014. I’ve never been one for resolutions. I just never seem to stick with anything or forget about what I want to resolve by the time January 2 roles around. The other day I found myself jotting down a diagram, like the kind you used to draw in grade school with the subject in the middle & lines that branched out to different ideas. I think we made them when brainstorming for papers. In the center I had written “2014” and branched out from there were areas of focus and under each were goals.

new years{It looked a little like this}

I usually pick out a word for the upcoming year, but there are a few that popped into my head during my ‘diagramming’ session.

2014 wordsI hope to work hard at my goals this year, be BRAVE, find BALANCE in life, strive for HAPPINESS and find the STRENGTH to accomplish everything that I’ve always wanted.

ME: I’m finally beginning to realize how important time is for ME. This past week I’ve had a lot of down time to reflect on what a crazy life I live, crazy= working too much and neglecting myself. This year I vow to myself to take time for ME and do whats best for ME.

CAREER: I love being a nurse, but its time for me to cut back on hours, decide on pursuing a higher education or not, and figuring out what I REALLY want to do as a Nurse.

FRIENDS: I don’t see them often enough, I look forward to 2014, my goal is to strengthen my friendships that I hold dear to my heart and create new ones

OCD:  Well, this word is arguable. I’m not technically, or professionally diagnosed with OCD, but there is so much in my life that I feel I must control. I’m going to work hard on letting go of the things that don’t matter and even harder on the things that should matter. My goal is to gain acceptance within myself on the things I create, or mess up on , and learn from them, rather than spend time on re-creating them or destroying them.

LETTING GO: There are a ton of bricks I carry on my shoulders, in my heart and on my mind. There are many things that stir up my pot, and I need to find the strength this year to let them all go. I choose not to share them here on my blog, as they are very personal to me. But the heavy burden and bricks I carry have a lot to do with family struggles. I know god willing, I will be able to let them go.

BALANCE: I live a more than hectic life, thats obvious. I vow to find balance and peace this year.

BUSINESS:  2013 was HUGE for my business and shop, I hope to have at least 300 etsy sales, partake in 4 boutiques, and have created my brand as well as work towards creating Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Lines.

HEALTH: I have already started this journey, but vow to be more active, to create a healthy glance between work, stress and overtaking too many “I will do it’s.” I’ve set a goal for myself to choose more wisely, make better decisions when it comes to my overall health and to be more ACTIVE.

FAMILY: It’s beyond time to let go of negative relationships within my family & strengthen them. It’s time to let go and to build trust again. This word, “family” is loaded up heavy on my heart and I hope to let go the negativity and gain a positive outlook on things in 2014.

RELATIONSHIP: Mr. D and I have grown closer over the past year and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store. I can’t wait to talk about family planning, create more memories in our home, share more wonderful traditions and fall more in love than ever.

Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday Grandpa {Papa, I miss you dearly}…


2013 Recap

This year has been pretty darn amazing. It has had its ups and downs, as expected, but so many HUGE things happened this year & I couldn’t feel more blessed. I’m hoping next year to document through the months, that way I can sum it all up with tons of pictures and events.

2013 Recap2013

We moved into our new home in Rossmoor

Mr. D & I celebrated 10 years

My cousin Jen had twin baby girls, Brooklyn & Bryn, Our dear friends the Cooper’s welcomed baby Lilly, Ashley & Brett welcomed baby Merrick, Our best friends the Parker’s welcomed baby Delaney, My cousin Ryan & Brittney welcomed baby Wyatt… lots of other babies were created and will be born soon

Long time friends of my brother & our family, Brett & Ashley got married, yes the same ones that had a baby, “wedding night baby,” and my Mom, Dad, Brother, Myself & Davie got to all celebrate together, love family photos

We turned our house into our home

We hosted our annual family Christmas this year, and a few other parties

My little ole’ shop grew, and grew and grew, hitting numbers and landmarks I never saw coming

Friendships were created & strengthened

Life as a Nurse was challenging, but rewarding in the same, oh and I took 3 weeks off!

Family relationships were challenged, but in the end we are all alive and well

My heart has blossomed and found time to forgive & let go

My love for Mr. D has grown stronger every day

I look forward to seeing what 2014 has in store… Until then, Happy New Years Eve!

let the blog roll on

IMG_2456Well hello there. It’s been awhile, a long while, too long to be exact. I had HUGE plans for my blog, posts planned and high inspirations behind this little space I call my own, but life caught up with me, the holidays have come and gone and my vacation is almost coming to an end.

I have been off work since December 16, and let me just tell you, it’s been AMAZING. The first week was tough, I had lots to do around the house, parties to prep for, but now that Christmas is over, I’m free to sleep in, veg all day, and do whatever.I.want.to. Well sort of. I had plans to make lists, because what would time off be for me without lists of things to do, right? Well I haven’t made one list, aren’t you shocked? I am, but proud of myself for taking this time for ME. After all, I am the one who put in long hours at both hospitals for the past 5 years to be able to take 3 weeks off. I will admit, I’ve been in a funk. Not a bad funk, but not a good funk. I’ll just call it the post holiday funk. I’m so used to a go-go-go lifestyle, that this calm, relaxed, not structured day to day life has thrown me for a bit of a loop. I figure, I’ll get used to it the day before I have to go back to work. January 8th, you are approaching way too fast.

Sorry for the blah blah blah, rambling post. But I needed to come to my happy place, jot a few things down and find inspiration in my blog again. I plan to post my holiday recap and home tour {better late than never} later today or tomorrow.


thankful thursday: thanksgiving day


Happy Thanksgiving. Today is the last Thursday of November, pretty crazy right? Today I am at work, all day, 12 hours in fact, missing my family, and all the festivities, but I’m thankful today, and everyday for a career that allows me to give back. A career that allows me to work on Thanksgiving, because hospitals never close, and there are always children in need of smiles. So today, as I am away from my family on Thanksgiving, I feel grateful that I am able to give back and be here for 17 children that need a nurse in their life to help them heal, to help them get stronger and feel safe. I’m thankful I have a loving family who understands that I can’t be there with them today. I’m thankful for my life and everyone and everything in it.

I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving