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Holiday Home Tour 2014

Okay. Guilty. I haven’t been blogging. Grrr… I’m here today to share a few pics of our home. It’s been all dressed up for the Holidays since November, I won’t spill the beans of exactly when in November I started, but the holidays fly by, I can’t believe Christmas is in 12 days. Lord help us all. I kept things very traditional this year, Red, White, Burlap & Natural Hues along with hints of Gold. I put up my wreaths, but somehow forgot to snap pics, whoops. My dinning room table is still not finished because Mr. D has his paperwork spread out, go figure. It’s warm and homey and thats what I love best about the holidays.








Holiday Home Tour

I know the Holidays have come and gone, but I still wanted to post how I decorated our new home this year. Here are a few pictures from this Bright & Merry Holiday Season. We’ve already un-dressed the house and it looks so bare again. Time to decorate and fill it with warm and cozy goodness.

I went with a color scheme and stuck with a bit of a deer theme this year. My colors were Mint, Red, Gold and White. All of these pictures were taken on my phone, so it’s hard to see the details, but I must say, I was happy with our snuggly home and the warm and cozy feel.

xmas1We technically have “2” front doors, so I had to attempt to re-create the large wreath and make a smaller one to match. I love the white deer wreath hangers I found at Lowes. I have 2 green faux wreaths that are plain and I dress them up each year, so I guess you can technically say I made these right? We went with all white lights around the outside of the house this year, simple and classy. Our tree was real, I could never do fake, but I will admit, that 9 foot bad boy died really FAST this year.

xmas2The first picture is our built in buffet, we finally got pictures up on the wall, added some garland with lights, bulbs & a few other goodies. Our Mantel was one of my favorites, deer stocking holders (hard to see), burlap stockings with a little handmade touch by muah, gold glitter painted wood letters and chevron bows.

xmas3The deer head I found at Joanns and painted with gold glitter and mounted to a rustic frame I had around the house, then draped it with fun pom pom trim to match. I love pillow covers, so easy to change out colors and themes for the holidays. This little wooden deer I found at Home goods and it looked adorable on our entry way table with a hand embroidered hoop from my friend Nat, and pom pom sticks from this adorable shop on etsy. We have 2 chairs in the entry way, I knew I wanted cute pillows to join them so I ordered this fun deer pillow cover {sorry can’t find the shop} and second pillow cover with perfect one-of-a-kind triangles and amazing craftsmanship from Paisley Sprouts.

xmas4Last minute I went ‘fill the house with furniture’ shopping the week before our first party. I picked up this little side board at Pier one to add to our kitchen and entry way for the second front door. It works just fine and its my fun little nook. I found a bigger chalkboard with rustic-like frame at Home Goods, wrote our house rules on it and decorated the table with some fun things. I filled it up with my ever so growing collection of milk glass. Dinning room table is simple and easy, threw a bunch of bulbs, pine cones, and candles wrapped in jute twine in a rustic wooden round thingy on top of my favorite table runner from my friend Andrea’s shop.

and thats a wrap… I’m kicking myself in the be-hind for not taking better pictures and MORE pictures capturing the rest of the house. Until next year…

a mini holiday home tour

okay… I’m having a tough time believing that Christmas is only 7 days away! Why does the merriest time of year, the season to give and be with family and friends always have to FLY by? It should last forever…

We are in a transitional home now {BIG news coming soon!} so I didn’t want to go all out for decorative purposes, but wanted our home to feel like “home” and festive!


it was hard to capture the beauty of this tree we picked out this year, it’s a whopping 8 feet tall! the best part is, all the funds were donated to help children {LOVE this part}

im a sucker for patterns that MATCH, colors that MATCH and themes that aren’t to funky! So of course, I still stuck with my red, silver and white theme, but added a few new driftwood star ornaments, and topped the tree off with a handmade burlap bow! {Did I mention, I’m quite obsessed with burlap right now? Mr. D wasn’t too happy there wasn’t an angel or star, but I think he’s used to it now, right babe?}

I love receiving Christmas cards in the mail, this holder is so old, but I just love it! I think it’s from Target too {go figure, I’m there on a daily basis}

I picked these little decorative pieces up at Shinoda and added some holly

on each of our side tables in the living room is a mini tree, kind of matches the big tree right? Ornaments are from Target and Home Goods {Just realized this pictures is blurry! eeek…}

I’m a sucker for CHEVRON! Duh! I got these adorable and perfect pillow covers from my friend Andrea at Kutz Paper Scissors she makes the cutest stuff! I bought my table runner from her too that matches the pillows!

Dinner table, table runner by Kutz Paper Scissors and a cute little sled I picked up from Michaels Craft Store {don’t mind our table, I promise it will be cleaned off SOON, end of year paper work is piling up!}

Stockings just might be my favorite thing about Christmas, I love stocking stuffers! I couldn’t find our stockings so we are making due with these little cuties I picked up from Target, One for each of us and the pups.

Finally, my new wreath! I created all by myself! Well with the help of Michaels fun little goodies and putting it all together, it turned out cute! I wanted a HUGE wreath, this puppy is like 3 feet! Love how it turned out

Told you it was “MINI!” I hope you enjoyed a peak into the Reece-Lee Home and I can’t to spend time with our family and friends in the coming week!

Happy Holidays from our home to yours!