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A Rockabilly Baby Shower for Millie

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to co-host a fun baby shower for Dave’s Cousin, Kristina. It was such a fun shower to style and create for, she’s expecting her first baby in July, its a girl, baby Millicent, “Millie” for short, but this soon to be Mama is not a fan of pink. I love her fun, young loving Rock-n-Roll style, so Rockabilly was perfect! Red, Black, White, Hints of teal and aqua blue/green with pops of cherries, skulls, records, music notes, roses and more were the perfect touches. Enjoy!

hello monday

hellomondayHello and Happy Monday. I’m back to my hello monday’s and will be featuring pic collages in black and white. Not sure why I chose to do black and white, but I did, and love it! This is my second to last day off work, I go back on Wednesday and reality hasn’t really hit yet. BAM! Come Wednesday it’s back to the daily grind, but hopefully not for long {details coming later}. This past week was productive, sort of, and filled with more fun memories with my family. It’s been so awesome seeing my huge loving family 2 x in 3 weeks, I hope this year holds more events and gatherings for us to all hang out.

PicMonkey CollagemonHello to climbing up on the roof, taking down ALL the Christmas lights and having the neighbor rescue me! Next time I’ll listen to Mr. D and not try and do it myself.

Hello to clean and healthy eating

Hello to filing loads and loads and loads of paperwork with the pups for Mr. D

Hello to being more active, riding my bike to get a healthy lunch

Hello to a Sunday, helping my cousin Mal and her soon to be sister in law prep for a rustic wedding with burlap and lace

Hello to such an amazing and fun night with my family at Starr Ranch celebrating my Aunt Kathy turning 60! {full post to come}

Hello to decorating the mantel for our everyday life… Reality hit, the holidays are over

Happy Monday, Hope you have a great week!


I forgo resolutions…

Happy New Year. I’m writing this post on New Years Eve. My house is quiet, the boys & pups are asleep, I’m enjoying a glass of wine and just taking time out to reflect on this past year and create goals for 2014. I’ve never been one for resolutions. I just never seem to stick with anything or forget about what I want to resolve by the time January 2 roles around. The other day I found myself jotting down a diagram, like the kind you used to draw in grade school with the subject in the middle & lines that branched out to different ideas. I think we made them when brainstorming for papers. In the center I had written “2014” and branched out from there were areas of focus and under each were goals.

new years{It looked a little like this}

I usually pick out a word for the upcoming year, but there are a few that popped into my head during my ‘diagramming’ session.

2014 wordsI hope to work hard at my goals this year, be BRAVE, find BALANCE in life, strive for HAPPINESS and find the STRENGTH to accomplish everything that I’ve always wanted.

ME: I’m finally beginning to realize how important time is for ME. This past week I’ve had a lot of down time to reflect on what a crazy life I live, crazy= working too much and neglecting myself. This year I vow to myself to take time for ME and do whats best for ME.

CAREER: I love being a nurse, but its time for me to cut back on hours, decide on pursuing a higher education or not, and figuring out what I REALLY want to do as a Nurse.

FRIENDS: I don’t see them often enough, I look forward to 2014, my goal is to strengthen my friendships that I hold dear to my heart and create new ones

OCD:  Well, this word is arguable. I’m not technically, or professionally diagnosed with OCD, but there is so much in my life that I feel I must control. I’m going to work hard on letting go of the things that don’t matter and even harder on the things that should matter. My goal is to gain acceptance within myself on the things I create, or mess up on , and learn from them, rather than spend time on re-creating them or destroying them.

LETTING GO: There are a ton of bricks I carry on my shoulders, in my heart and on my mind. There are many things that stir up my pot, and I need to find the strength this year to let them all go. I choose not to share them here on my blog, as they are very personal to me. But the heavy burden and bricks I carry have a lot to do with family struggles. I know god willing, I will be able to let them go.

BALANCE: I live a more than hectic life, thats obvious. I vow to find balance and peace this year.

BUSINESS:  2013 was HUGE for my business and shop, I hope to have at least 300 etsy sales, partake in 4 boutiques, and have created my brand as well as work towards creating Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Lines.

HEALTH: I have already started this journey, but vow to be more active, to create a healthy glance between work, stress and overtaking too many “I will do it’s.” I’ve set a goal for myself to choose more wisely, make better decisions when it comes to my overall health and to be more ACTIVE.

FAMILY: It’s beyond time to let go of negative relationships within my family & strengthen them. It’s time to let go and to build trust again. This word, “family” is loaded up heavy on my heart and I hope to let go the negativity and gain a positive outlook on things in 2014.

RELATIONSHIP: Mr. D and I have grown closer over the past year and I can’t wait to see what this year has in store. I can’t wait to talk about family planning, create more memories in our home, share more wonderful traditions and fall more in love than ever.

Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday Grandpa {Papa, I miss you dearly}…


2013 Recap

This year has been pretty darn amazing. It has had its ups and downs, as expected, but so many HUGE things happened this year & I couldn’t feel more blessed. I’m hoping next year to document through the months, that way I can sum it all up with tons of pictures and events.

2013 Recap2013

We moved into our new home in Rossmoor

Mr. D & I celebrated 10 years

My cousin Jen had twin baby girls, Brooklyn & Bryn, Our dear friends the Cooper’s welcomed baby Lilly, Ashley & Brett welcomed baby Merrick, Our best friends the Parker’s welcomed baby Delaney, My cousin Ryan & Brittney welcomed baby Wyatt… lots of other babies were created and will be born soon

Long time friends of my brother & our family, Brett & Ashley got married, yes the same ones that had a baby, “wedding night baby,” and my Mom, Dad, Brother, Myself & Davie got to all celebrate together, love family photos

We turned our house into our home

We hosted our annual family Christmas this year, and a few other parties

My little ole’ shop grew, and grew and grew, hitting numbers and landmarks I never saw coming

Friendships were created & strengthened

Life as a Nurse was challenging, but rewarding in the same, oh and I took 3 weeks off!

Family relationships were challenged, but in the end we are all alive and well

My heart has blossomed and found time to forgive & let go

My love for Mr. D has grown stronger every day

I look forward to seeing what 2014 has in store… Until then, Happy New Years Eve!

Coffee Date {Week #8}

coffeeLinking up with Alissa at Rags to Stitches for Coffee Date Friday

Happy Friday! I’m so glad to have the day off, I’d have to cut coffee short this morning because I’m running ragged as ALWAYS. Our good friends are having a baby girl in just a few months and the shower is tomorrow. I of course offered to help, so I’ve been swimming in pinks, browns and white for the past week. If we were having coffee today I’d share a few things with you. I’d first tell you that, I love being creative, duh! Preparing for this baby shower has allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and not let my OCD grab me by the reins. I’ve just been easy going and going with the flow. Things didn’t quite work out the way I had envisioned them, but I learned to accept that I try something new, thats HUGE for me.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that the shop has been very busy. The new headband line and beanies are selling and I can’t wait to dive into these new fabrics that just arrived. If we were having coffee I would share with you some pretty awesome news. I’m going to be advertising with Casi, at Cupcake Mag, and a part of her Celebrity Gifting! Ummm HELLO! Pinch me NOW! I’m so excited, I’ll fill you all in soon.

If we were having coffee I would tell you I had a scare earlier this week with Luke. He was so sick, we landed up in the Los Alamitos Animal Hospital, X-rays, Shots, I.V. fluid, lab work and a big hefty bill. More importantly, he’s back to his usual self and doing well.

coffeeHave a great weekend!


The O.C. Fair

PicMonkey CollageLast night we headed out to the Orange Conty Fairgrounds to attend the annual fair. I’m pretty certain I’ve been going to the fair annually since I was in the womb. I used to LOVE going, not just once, but probably upwards to 5 times during the 4 short weeks it’s in town. The fair just isn’t the same as an adult. We walk around, eat junk food, people watch, play a game or two, have a beer or 10 and then complain that we’re tired and go home. Fun huh? Perhaps if I had children the spark would be back and it would be more exciting? Haha! Don’t get me wrong, I had a great time hanging out with Mr. D, his brother and My Dad. Oh and I won 3 piggies.

the mud hole 2013

This past weekend we headed up North, in the motorhome with the truck and boat. Every year about 40 of our friends and their families head up to Kern County to camp for the weekend at Lake Webb. Let me just tell you, it’s fun fun fun, but it’s not your typical beautiful lake, like Havasu or Parker {which we favor}, this I like to call the “Mud Hole.” It’s a man made lake and the water is a lovely color, BROWN. Despite the Lake and it’s color, its all about good people, amazing friends, relaxing, bbq’ing and having a great time.


IMG_8446IMG_8447IMG_8462IMG_8465IMG_8459IMG_8479IMG_8476IMG_8473IMG_8478IMG_8475IMG_8469IMG_8455I learned to play Dominos, the boys got a little bit of their hard working farmers tan’s bronzed, the pups enjoyed boat rides, we used life jackets for buoys, Mason Jars, drank from mason jars, loaded up the sunscreen and had a swim or 10! Until next year…


his day



Happy Birthday to my one and only Brother. I can’t believe you’re 29 years old today, it feels like just yesterday we were going on walks in the park with Nana and Papa, pulling each others hair, pinching each other and screaming “MOM! and DAD!”

We’ve been through so much, our relationship has grown and I’m proud of you. I’m proud of you for the things that you have accomplished, the positive things that you do, and for being your smiling candid self. You’re love for the Ocean is unmeasurable, your athletic skills are off the charts and your ability to make children smile is amazing. You are a people person, and touch the lives of everyone.

I love you Brother!


hello monday



Hello Monday, I’m so glad you are here, NOT! At least I’m off today. Last week was a great week, saying goodbye to last week and hello to a new week! I have a week full of meetings at work, shifts at the hospital, and who knows what else, hopefully getting more things finished around the house.


Hello to fresh flowers, we had Mr. D’s family over on Saturday so I went Downtown early Saturday morning and picked up some fun flowers to spruce up the Casa

Hello to adding some decor to the home and making it “presentable” because it is still naked

Hello to watching Mr. D wash all of our cars on Sunday afternoon and to me sitting in the front yard with a book and a beverage just watching

Hello to watching the basketball finals and typing Mr. D’s paper work from the living room ottoman {classy}

What are you saying HELLO to today? 

Have a great week! I’m linking up with the adorable Lisa Leonard for Hello Monday.


Coffee Date {Week #2}

coffeeLinking up with Alissa from Rags to Stitches

Good Morning! Happy Friday… If we were having coffee this morning, we would be meeting at Starbucks, or I’d be giving you a call and asking what you’d like me to pick you up. I have a confession, I have NOT been making coffee at home for at least a week now, I have been stopping in at Starbucks, every.single.morning for a Venti Iced Americano! Eeekkk… If we were having coffee I would tell you that I’m posting this morning from the cafe at work, because I feel like I’ve spent the last 80 hours at this place called work! I’m pooped, I can barely open my eyes this morning. If we were having coffee this morning, I would admit to you that I don’t have any photos for you this week, again! I would tell you how busy this week has been (as usual), I would tell you that Mr. D had a podiatry {foot doctor} appointment this week, and my poor man was such a sweet baby boy! Literally, one would have thought he was having open heart surgery, begging, pleading and acting like the Doctor was cutting off his foot with a hack saw. The fact is, he just had to have a biopsy of a bump on his foot. Let me tell you, the kitchen table is filled with gauze rolls, creams, pain killers and the whole 9 yards, you see, I have to play nurse at home, even after I play nurse all day at work. I wouldn’t have it any other way, I love my man and want to make him feel special better.

If we were having coffee this morning I would tell you that we have family coming over on Saturday for a small BBQ, my house is a disaster and I have paint swatch streaks all over the walls, and I’m sort of not too excited to be hosting Mr. D’s family with our home the way it is, but oh well, it is what it is.

I would take a moment, stop talking and listen, listen intently on what’s been going on in your life, ask you how your week has been. I’d probably ask you to come over (if we were out for coffee) and help me start painting my walls, since I have finally picked out a gray for the walls. I would show you my new gray rug I found at Home Goods this week and tell you how excited I was to find my perfect rug for a great price! I would have to cut coffee short this morning, because it’s 6:45 a.m. and my shift starts at 7 a.m.!

Have a great day!