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If you FALL, pick yourself back up

Fall CollageIt’s hard to believe its been 6 whole months since I came to this blog of mine. I’ll admit, it’s crossed my mind more than once to pick up where I left off and pretend that I hadn’t vanished from blog land. The truth is I blamed my reckless water spill & the ruined MACbook for not having access to my blog, but now that I splurged & treated myself to a new computer, my blog should be back in action. Or, maybe it’s because I’m working less & finding more time to just do god knows what. It’s crazy how when you have more time on your hands you seem to get less done. I mean, I’m only working 1, maybe 2 shifts a week at the hospital, still running the shop & trying to grow my brand as well as managing the office for Mr. D.

I’ve noticed a trend, work less, play more, work less, spend more, work less, veg more, etc… Well FALL is finally here, well not so much in Southern California, but according to the calendar, FALL is in full season.  I’ll admit, I was beyond reluctant to add some FALL decor to my favorite little nook in the house, it just didn’t seem legit when the sun is shinning, the temperature is in the 80-90’s & the a/c is cranking in the house. I love FALL, warm cozy nights, fun sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, the leaves changing colors & the crisp air… So Dear FALL, go ahead and show up, sooner than later.

I have some fun parties that I threw over the past few weeks to post, excited to share those. I hope everyone is doing well and can’t wait to blog more and get back into the swing of things!




It’s beyond obvious that I’m so excited for Christmas this year, we’re in our new home, we’re making some fun changes around here, and well, I just love Christmas. I was going to forgo decorating for F A L L, but I couldn’t help myself. I picked up just a few fun things and decided to create a fun fireplace mantel, throw some pumpkins out front and decorate the dinning room table.

IMG_9029 I found this little sign at Home Goods the other day, fits just perfect


I cut a few pieces of fabric scraps and whipped up a little F A L L garlandIMG_9032My friend Andrea from Kutz Paper Scissors made these adorable fabric stuff pumpkins I picked up this year, I have another one on the mantel made with sweater material


I have a lot of rustic things in this front living room, so I had a lot of the fun stuff, but I added a few real pumpkins, corn husk things from the market and paper mache pumpkins from Michaels

IMG_9039My dinning room center piece

IMG_9040Those acorns and mini pumpkins smell amazing

photo-4I found these cute placemats at Home goods also

IMG_9046The front porch still needs some work, but the boys brought home these pumpkins from Home Depot the other night, adorable!

How are you decorating for F A L L this year?

thankful thursday…

I love the fall! It’s been so hot here in California, and I can’t wait to pull out the sweats, the hoodie sweatshirts, big jackets and comfy ugg boats. On the flip side, I’m having a hard time believing that today is november 1st! HELLO! why does time seem to be flying by…?

Today is thursday, and its november, so why not start the month off right with a little weekly series…

Every thursday in the month of november I’m going to post 10 things that I’m thankful for. I think this will be a good reminder for me to sweat the small stuff, stop complaining about the little things and focus on what life is all about, and most of all think about things that I am thankful for, because I know that this life I live is surely blessed.

life… afterall, all of us reading this are ‘living’

a roof over my head

an amazing boyfriend who has continued to love me no matter how ungrateful I can be at times

a family who loves me and supports me 100%

a career that I LOVE, where I get to save lives and most of all make a change

food on the table, water to drink and clothing to wear

a car to drive me to and from work, to run errands and to get around town

friends… amazing friends who support me, who cry with me, who laugh with me and who are there when I need them

a mother, a father and a brother

my health

What are you thankful for?