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A Carnival for Sonny

When one of your besties starts envisioning her son’s first birthday as he grows in her womb, you know you have to go all out. My dear friend Amanda and I started planning, prepping and went into party mayhem mode when baby Sonny was probably 3-6 Months old. The shopping started, pinning began and the crazy OCD “Auntie Crystal,” started getting busy putting our ideas to life. Sonny’s party was this past Saturday, It was a blast, and turned out perfect. We could have done without the gusts of wind, but heck, at least it wasn’t 90 degrees out or raining! Blessings, friends, Blessings. Prepare for picture overload. She wanted a Carnival with a touch of Dumbo, who could ask for more, it was adorable.

Each table had a fun colorful runner with a carnival/dumbo centerpiece, we ate scrumptious hot dog and turkey dogs from the most adorable hot dog cart, accompanied by a spinning rack of every chip you could imagine and enjoyed a sweat treat and snack table. While there was a jumper for the kids in the front yard, they also enjoyed our make shift carnival games in the back, Ping Pong Toss, Bean Bag Toss & Ring Toss. They were a hit! The FAVORS for the kids, Real Gold Fish! Kids loved them, the parents, not so much…IMG_2427IMG_2428