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I contemplated doing my thankful thursday posts this November. I always feel redundant when I go on and on about what I’m thankful for… BUT then I reminded myself how self-fulfilling they are and how it is a positive reminder of everything I have and everything I’m more than thankful for.

Today I am thankful for a heart that keeps beating, allows me to feel pain, sorrow, love, and emotions beyond measure. Without this beating heart of mine, I’d be null, void and obsolete. So with that being said, I’m pretty dang thankful. It beats every second of every day to keep me alive. That in itself is pretty amazing. It allows me to be me. Me, an emotional person who loves deeply, endlessly and continuously. A person who hurts deep down inside day in and day out because I cannot change things that need to be changed, and fix things that need mending. My heart if filled to the brim of gratitude, filled with hope, love, faith and creativity. I love that I’m becoming comfortable in my own skin, branching out and allowing that heart of mine to act on what it feels, act on what it believes, and create whatever it desires. Today I’m thankful for this magically abundant heart of mine.

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A Baby Shower to Remember

I’m not really sure how to start this post, how to separate all the amazing memories and pictures, but I’ll just run with it. My best friend Corrin is expecting twins. A boy and a girl. Colton & Aubree to be precise. I love this girl and her family more than words can express. She is like my sister from another mister. We just get each other. When I found out she was expecting I was over the moon excited. She has a little guy, Westin who is almost 4, but she knew she wanted ONE more. Well she got blessed with TWO. She was anxious, nervous and scared. I don’t blame her. The thought of having twins has got to be more than overwhelming. I jumped on the opportunity to host and throw a shower for her. I just had to. I had a vision and it came to life. It’s tough when you’re not a “theme,” person, when you want to have accents of colors and vintage and this and that. Well… Here it is a vintage newsprint shower with touches of teal and coral to represent her miracle babies, a boy and a girl, Colton & Aubree. I wanted to post all the details of the specifics, but I’ll do that in another post or update this, for now I want to share pictures and reminisce on these babes and my beautiful friend. Babyshower5BabyShower4BabyShower3BabyShower2





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Overused & Undefined




















Perhaps it is because I work in the health field, more specifically mental health. I often hear the diagnosis “Bipolar,” being thrown around, spit out of peoples mouths and on the tips of tongues of so many people. It’s inevitable I guess, people assume if one has “mood swings,” or “highs & lows,” they should be deemed and labeled: BIPOLAR. The fact that life is like a roller coaster ride for almost anyone and everyone, means that everyone suffers from mental illness and we are are Bipolar, right?

I had pinned this quote (above) on pinterest awhile back & came across it while visiting my pin boards last night. I re-read it and thought how it suites me so well, describes my life & my emotions. Sometimes I wonder who I’d be without my sensitive side. I think as I age I tend to find myself reacting more to things that rub my heart the wrong way, words that make my mind cringe, or circumstances that arise that are completely out of my control. My days are usually filled with highs and lows, I think that is what one would expect from life, right? That doesn’t make me bipolar or mean that I’m moody, that just means I’m human & living life.

Life is what you make it. This quote makes me smile, giggle and feel embarrassed for those who choose to label people. Life is too short to worry and depict why people are sensitive, why people have emotions that they allow to be heard & seen by others, why people judge people based on their personal roller coaster ride. Be your own voice, be heard, and don’t allow yourself to pick up any pieces to YOUR puzzle, because that puzzle is your own, and you are not broken.

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Shop Happenings

Since it’s been forever and a day or month since I’ve blogged about the shop, I thought Id share some new fun items that I’ve been creating. The shop has been growing right before my very eyes and I’m so thankful. I love creating new things and keeping up with the demands, trends and likes of all the littles and their Mamas out there.



Fall products are in full swing and have been so fun to create. I’m now making fun infinity children’s scarfs, fun head wraps, new teething rings and so much more! Go check out the shop, you’re bound to find something you LOVE.

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A Western Birthday Bash

Oh Ya’ll we hosted the most amazing party at our house a few weekends ago, it was so much fun & the birthday girl loved it. Mr. D’s Mom turned the big 6-0! We wanted to do something special for her, so we opted to throw a surprise party & create a western hoedown in the backyard. His Mom loves country, as do we, so we thought it would be the perfect combo. I began working on the details & all the decor months ahead of time, to ensure my OCD didn’t interfere and I could make it a magical day & awesome party. I’d like to believe not a detail was missed.

Western5I had the amazingly talented Allison from Madison Design Studio create the invitation for me. I wanted a rustic, classy swing to a fun pink/brown Western theme, and she nailed it. We had the party catered by Naples Rib Co. & I made a few things myself. My friend Monick lent me her vintage bath tub which was filled with lots of ice (because it was of course like 90 degrees that day) and drinks.

Western1I wanted to add a pop of gold, because I just love gold these days. I bought plain paper mache numbers from Hobby Lobby, sprayed them gold and topped them off with a fine gold glitter. The flowers I bought the day before from Costco and created my own arrangements in mason jars & old cowboy boots. I was able to find some fun rustic horse shoes, keys, and spurs from Hobby Lobby in the Western Section, on SALE of course! I have a forever growing collection of mason jars, but bought the gold lids on etsy. I added some fun paper straws and made my own flags, “60,” on one side and on the other, “celebrate kathi.”

Western3Bandanas were a must, such a fun and inexpensive added decor. I used my amazing cricut machine to cut out “60’s” and “Happy Birthday Kathi,” in a gold glitter card stock paper. I made my own tissue pom poms and somehow managed to bunch them all up in a cluster on our patio cover. Western2

I also used the bandanas to create a little utensil holder. I found a random video on you tube on how to fold them, I typed and printed out a fun little menu and added some jute twine to tie the napkins together. For the favors I wanted to keep it simple, yet stick with the western theme. I found small 5 x 7 paper bags, typed up a fun label, “Happy Trails,” because, of course there was a fun bag of trail mix inside! Yum! The mini plates, and striped napkins were for the cake table. The cake didn’t make it outside until the late evening, it would have melted away.

Western4Oh, you better believe we had these massive hay bales we thought it would be fabulous and fun, BUT it was a big ole’ mess. These beasts were 4 feet by 2 feet and weighed about 50 lbs. each. We opted to have them delivered, I ordered 20! Whoops. We used them for seating, which I had purchased gingham fabric to add to the tops so tooshies weren’t poked too bad. With the rest we made a fun couch for people to take pictures on and just hang out. I wish I would have taken more pictures of the final hay bale set up, but these pictures will do. I love the cowboy boot filled with flowers, my absolute favorite decor from the day. I used burlap on a roll for the table runners, worked great and was so easy.

Western6Lastly, we had a fun photo station. I thought it was a fun, personal touch. I bought this Instax camera, which is a polaroid. I asked the guests to take fun pictures and while they developed, to fill out these cards I created. They wrote letters to the Birthday girl, then peeled the tape and posted the pictures on top of the card. She absolutely LOVED it! And… the cake! Amazing! I had it made at Great Dane Bakery in Los Alamitos, it was delicious and matched the party perfectly! I found the candles at Target, and spray painted them to match the gold and added some glitter.

It was a memorable day for the Birthday Girl, and the best part was she was SHOCKED, SURPRISED & spend the evening with her closest friends and family.

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If you FALL, pick yourself back up

Fall CollageIt’s hard to believe its been 6 whole months since I came to this blog of mine. I’ll admit, it’s crossed my mind more than once to pick up where I left off and pretend that I hadn’t vanished from blog land. The truth is I blamed my reckless water spill & the ruined MACbook for not having access to my blog, but now that I splurged & treated myself to a new computer, my blog should be back in action. Or, maybe it’s because I’m working less & finding more time to just do god knows what. It’s crazy how when you have more time on your hands you seem to get less done. I mean, I’m only working 1, maybe 2 shifts a week at the hospital, still running the shop & trying to grow my brand as well as managing the office for Mr. D.

I’ve noticed a trend, work less, play more, work less, spend more, work less, veg more, etc… Well FALL is finally here, well not so much in Southern California, but according to the calendar, FALL is in full season.  I’ll admit, I was beyond reluctant to add some FALL decor to my favorite little nook in the house, it just didn’t seem legit when the sun is shinning, the temperature is in the 80-90’s & the a/c is cranking in the house. I love FALL, warm cozy nights, fun sweaters, pumpkin spice lattes, the leaves changing colors & the crisp air… So Dear FALL, go ahead and show up, sooner than later.

I have some fun parties that I threw over the past few weeks to post, excited to share those. I hope everyone is doing well and can’t wait to blog more and get back into the swing of things!


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Oh hello friend & Cricut

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a small craft party with my friend Monick at Oh Hello Friend in Fullerton. Our very talented and amazing friend Andrea was hosting this event, and featuring the new Cricut machine.


There was about 20 of us ladies that mingled, painted, played with the new machine, ate amazing yummies prepared by Andrea & sipped on fun drinks & wine. I rarely get a girls night out, so when I found out about the event, I knew I had to be there.

IMG_3877The event space was so adorable. I wish I owned this little space.

IMG_3875 IMG_3855We got to play around with the new cricut machine, I opted to create a fun vinyl sheet that I ended up using at home that night to place over a frame with a fun map in it.

IMG_3867 IMG_3872Here is my sign I created

IMG_3887We also made these fun, honeycomb wood painted art pieces using a stencil that was cut using the cricut

IMG_3869Okay, ready for the best part of the night? One of the guests at the party would be WINNING a FREE Cricut machine. We all put our names in a basket, and Andrea picked. Andrea, “Crystal Lee!.” Shut the front door! I won, I freaking won the CRICUT! I’m still in shock, I’m so excited to put it to use and still can’t believe I WON something so amazing.







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Serendipity & Wedding Vows

A few weeks ago we headed out to Redlands for a weekend wedding. Mr. D was in the wedding, so the festivities were all weekend long, but the wedding happened to be Sunday afternoon. They had a beautiful ceremony at Serendipity Gardens and the reception followed shortly after. I’m not going to lie, it was in tim-buck-too and I had my doubts on the location. Hello, it was AMAZING. So much my style, very rustic, beautiful, peaceful and perfect.

Wedding1Every little detail was so special. The venue is pretty new, but the best part is they do everything for you. The view was amazing, the white carriage that brought Karin down the long hill hidden from her guests and husband to be, was the perfect touch of romance.

Wedding2All the drinks were served in Mason Jars, the outdoor fire pit had a amore bar, the outside fireplace had a couch for seating, and the long sparklers as they ventured off to married life as husband and wife.



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Penelope Lane Boutique: Spring 2014

PLB Spring 2014Oh boutique season, how we have a love/hate relationship. I love participating in Boutiques, meeting new people, buying awesome handmade goodies and catching up with all the amazingly talented vendors. This past weekend, on March 29, the lil’ cupcake kicked off boutique season. Penelope Lane Boutique is one of my favorites. I just adore Nancy and Sarah the two master minds behind all the organization, hard work, social media shout outs and so much more.

I’ll admit, I always have big plans on how I’m going to start sewing, creating and prepping weeks in advance, and as usual, I’m busting my butt and mass producing the week and usually night before. I usually always magically have a ton of inventory with me, which is important to me. This show was BUSY, the busiest show I’ve ever had. I was so thankful my dear friend Monick stayed with me at my booth, helped me bag orders, went out and got us lunch and allowed me to run to the bathroom and get in a little shopping while she manned the chaos.

Without mentioning digits, and numerical values, it was pretty dang awesome! I did the best I’ve ever done, and for that, I am so grateful.

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forgoing my full-time RN Job

rot2On March 22, I became a new woman. Well, not so much. I’ve been contemplating quitting my full-time job for quite sometime now. I’ve been constantly battling myself to take the plunge and just go for it. I had fears and still do. Will I be okay financially? Will I miss the crazy hustle and bustle of my life as a nurse? Will I regret the decision I made? After many hours of complaining to Mr. D about how unhappy I was, how stressful my position as a full-time charge nurse had become, how drained I felt and how I was losing passion for my career, he gave me the “ok, it’s time babe,” talk. He’s been begging me to quit for a long time now, but he knew it wasn’t up to him. He’s always been 100% supportive in whatever I want to do, choose to do and strive to do. As his business continues to grow, the work load of the company has been requiring me to spend more time in our home office. It was the perfect time to be “okay,” with my decision to cut back hours at the hospital and fulfill my financial needs by working in the office more.

The Nurses, Social workers, Doctors and staff were so sweet. On my last full-time day, they had lunch brought in, a cake, party hats and gave me a card telling me how awesome I am. Hello! Tears. Mr. D thought I was crazy when I told him what they did, “Babe, you’re not leaving for good!” Anyways, so far it hasn’t really sunk in. I’m still busy and time will tell if my life will slow its roll and the parking brake will be used.


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