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DIY Rustic Wood Tray

trayI have another super easy tutorial for you today. I had purchased an unfinished wood tray that was on clearance at Michaels not too long ago, picked up a few little accessories to put on it and had some stain left over from frames I had made. I’m sort of obsessed with this stain that my friend Nichole got me hooked on.


An unfinished box, piece of wood, tray or whatever you can find

Mini Wax Stain, I used Dark Walnut

Sponge Brushes

Wax Paper or Freezer Paper


This is the unfinished tray I found at Michaels, I think it was about $5.99 on clearance, they have tons of unfinished crates, trays, letters and so much more

IMG_8615This wax is amazing! So easy to use, seals and stains without having to add extra coats of all sorts of other products or sealants


Using your brush paint strokes, going the same way as the wood grain, you can also use a rag instead of a paint brush, I didn’t sand my tray first, I probably should have because see those little wood shavings? I just painted right over them, whoops

IMG_8626You can paint the whole tray in just a few minutes, i just did one coat, it was dark enough with the Dark Walnut color, let it dry for 24 hours

IMG_8649Perfect for the ottoman or coffee table, I’m not sure where mine will go yet, but these are just a few ideas


DIY Anthro-Inspired Zinc Letters

IMG_8643Super easy tutorial for you today! My kitchen is in desperate need of some added lovely, so I made these fun letters that will eventually go on top of my cabinets with a few vintage goodies, but for now, they’re sitting on the counters.


Metallic Acrylic Paint or Spray Paint

Sponge Brushes

Paper Mache letters

I decided to make it short and sweet, and chose to create a simple 3 letter word for the kitchen, “EAT.” I got the supplies at Hobby Lobby, the letters were only $2.49 each, the Zinc letters at Anthro are $18 each, lets save some money friends.

IMG_8610I chose to use the metallic paint, because I don’t do well with spray paint

IMG_8614I like sponge brushes, they get the job done and they’re pretty inexpensive. Gather all your supplies and start painting, no special technique required

IMG_8627I like to lay down wax paper or freezer paper so the letters don’t stick and it prevents paint from getting everywhere

IMG_8628Try and paint the brush strokes in the same direction so you don’t get all sorts of funky lines

IMG_8633Easy peasy right?



DIY personalized gift basket

DIY basketOkay, Ya’ll ready? This is my first DIY post, so bare with me! I’m sharing my favorite gift giving tradition with you, personalized gift baskets. I usually make them for weddings, baby showers and occasionally a birthday. It’s a great way to give a personalized gift from the heart and something the receiver can use.

I created this one this past week for Mr. D’s Mom to give at a baby shower this weekend. Can you guess what the theme was? Ocean/Sealife!

Step One: {THEME}

Start with a theme. If you’re giving a basket for a baby shower, browse the registry, find out what the has planned for a nursery theme, etc… If you’re making one for a wedding, I like to browse the registry and/or go with the theme or colors of their home.

themeStep Two: {Basket Size, Letters and Embellishments}

1.) Figure out what you are going to put in the basket for the gift, the basket in itself is a gift, but you gotta stuff it with something

2.) Once you’ve decided what’s going inside, you will then have a good idea on what size basket you will need. Also, sometimes the basket size is dependent on the letters {name, saying, etc…} that you are using to personalize it.

3.) Find letters that fit! I bought these white ones at Michaels, they had a ton of glitter on them, but I used sandpaper to shave it off.

4.) Collect fun embellishments, buttons, crystals, paints, ribbon, or whatever your creative soul leads you to, don’t forget to stick with your theme!


Step Three: {Start Creating}

I’m pretty OCD when it comes to crafting, but I’m also usually in a rush, short on time, or crunching for a deadline. You can draw out the letters, measure, plan ahead, or you can just go out on whim like me, and go with the flow!


DIY3I lay out my letters, think about colors, gather my embellishments and just let the creative mind start churning.

Lay them out and take a look at all your handwork, smile, you did awesome and now it’s time to put it all together and add them to the basket with a few finishing touches.

Step Five: {Ribbon, Glue Gun, and more embellishments}

Okay, so I have a crazy ribbon obsession, like thousands of rolls. So I went into the closet, gathered up all the ribbon that matched my theme and laid them out on the basket with the letters that looked best. I also like to add fun things on the ribbon to add little detailed touches that are super easy.

1.) Gather Ribbon or trim for the basket perimeter

2.) Gather embellishments {I used buttons, and seal life embellishments and buttons}

3.) Get your little handy tool or scissors, I don’t know what mine are called, pliers perhaps? I stole them from Mr. D’s tool box, snip off the back of the buttons so they’re flat

4.) Turn on the glue gun and start gluing


Step Six: {Put it all together}

I’m really bad at this step. Why? Because I glue everything down before lining it up, so guess what? It’s always crooked! So measure, mark and line up the ribbon.

1.) You take your ribbon, wrap it around the basket, cut it and glue it with the glue gun onto the basket. I usually use 2-3 different colors of ribbon and different sizes, so you can see the contrast {with this basket I used 2 colors}.

2.) After you’ve glued the ribbon down, lay out your letters and glue them down

3.) Add your embellishments around the outside and back of the basket and glue them down

4.) Finish of the back with a bow or fun knotted look






Now you’re almost finished!!!

Load the basket up with all your little gifts, or whatever you plan to fill the basket with



Stuff it! and DON’T use tissue paper…

Okay use it if you want, but guess what works even better? NAPKINS!


You will be the talk of the party, shower, wedding, or event! Everyone will be talking about your beautiful handmade gift! I’ll be posting inspiration baskets soon, some of my previous baskets I’ve made and ideas on how your gift receivers use them forever…