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Meet Alivia Grace

Meet sweet Alivia. She came on board with us when she was just a little 4 Month old peanut. Watching her grow has been so fun, but I’m sure her Mama Kelsey would love to freeze time. This little fashionista has an adorable sense of style, her Mama always has her in some sort of bow, headband or accessory, even if its just a quick trip to Target. When our inbox is filled with emails from Kelsey, we are sure to get lots of pictures of this sweet babe! We adore you sweet girl and are so fortunate and blessed to have you on our team. If you want to go shopping today, head over to the shop and save 10% off with Alivia’s Shopping Code: CUPCAKE04.




Meet Everly Quinn

Okay, little Miss Everly Quinn is here today to say HELLO. She was our very first Brand Rep. Her amazing Mama, Amanda, is an Orange County photographer, and can be found here. Amanda had purchased several headbands from the shop. When little miss Ev was only about 10 Months old, we were smitten with the photos that arrived in our inbox just a few days after her Mama’s package had arrived in her mailbox. Lets be honest, nothing makes a shop owner more happy, excited and over the moon, but an email filled with photos of customers sporting their handmade goods. Amanda captured Everly wearing her lil’ cupcake goods and we knew we had to have her on our team. It’s all a blur now, but we are confident that Everly was the start of our Brand Rep search and “lets dive in head first and go full force with a Brand Rep Program.” She forever will hold a very special place in our hearts. Its hard to believe this little princess is already approaching a year plus a few months old…Everly is sharing her discount shopping code with you today, head over to the shop and pick up something for 10% off, heck your whole order will be 10% off, use coupon code: CUPCAKE01.

Everly Quinn

Meet Finley Grace

Let’s introduce you all to the amazing littles behind the lil cupcake shop. I dedicate this week to the amazing brand reps that we are beyond fortunate to have. During the Fall of 2014, October to be exact, we decided that our items needed to be featured on the noggins, bodies and whatever’s, of little ones around the nation. What better way to display your handmade goods for littles! It makes more sense to show off your fun fabrics, patterns, and goods on the littles who they are suited for, right? We hosted a fun competition, well, more like a “post your best pics of your baby darlings in fun products.” Last Fall we chose 5 of our favorites to represent the lil’ cupcake. First on the list, is Miss Finley. When Fin joined the lil’ cupcake family she was just 4 Months old, and now is almost a whopping 9 months old!

It has been so fun to watch her grow, so hard to believe she has been with the lil’ cupcake family since she was only 4 Months old. We adore her Mama, Brittany, she seriously rocks the camera like nobodies business, but after all she has a pretty darn amazing model. Fin has the most amazing blue eyes, perfect round little face, and personality to light up the room! We are beyond grateful to have Finley as a member of our family, and we adore her! If you feel like grabbing some awesome goodies in the shop today, Finley is sharing her shopping code, which will save you 10%, enter code: CUPCAKE02.


Shop Happenings

Since it’s been forever and a day or month since I’ve blogged about the shop, I thought Id share some new fun items that I’ve been creating. The shop has been growing right before my very eyes and I’m so thankful. I love creating new things and keeping up with the demands, trends and likes of all the littles and their Mamas out there.



Fall products are in full swing and have been so fun to create. I’m now making fun infinity children’s scarfs, fun head wraps, new teething rings and so much more! Go check out the shop, you’re bound to find something you LOVE.

Happy Hump Day, and a Shop Update!

I never really got the whole “Hump Day,” I get that it’s Wednesday and it’s the middle of the week, but if you’re anything like me and work a bizallion hours and any day of the week or weekend, the hump is nothing but a thing on a camel’s back! Shoot!

Anyhow! I have FINALLY updated the shop, Hip Hip Hooray! It’s been months since I’ve made the effort to snap photo’s, upload and create new listings, but I finally had some time to do so!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

I have updated the shop with fun Patriotic, 4th of July goodies that are READY.TO.SHIP

as well as tons of Chunky Beaded Necklaces and Bracelets, I plan to update soon with my new hair knotted wraps, bibs, knit beanies and more…

handmade biz resources


More often than not I get asked the same question, “how do you do it all?” Truth of the matter is, I have no clue! When I first opened my shop, the lil’ cupcake in February of 2010, I had no idea what I was doing. I listed things that made no sense, I priced my handmade items way too low, I spent more money than I had and packaged things as if I was at a celebrity event. I have learned so much along the way and I thought I would share with you 2 things that have helped me tremendously. I read several blogs, browse around my favorite handmade shops, and over the past 2 years have found many tips and tricks.

I feel like I owe everything I have learned and the growth of my business to these 2 books.

1.) Craft, Inc.

This book was able to open my eyes to the handmade business world, and provide me with a solid platform of how I could turn my love of crafting and creating into a small business.

2.) How to Make Money using ETSY

I recommend this book to anyone who sells on ETSY, or who is wanting to open up a shop, but not sure how. After I read this book last year, implemented the changes, I watched my sales almost double. I learned things that I never knew mattered, from tag lines to use and not use, to how to word descriptions of products to make them more searchable.

I still pick up both books all the time, I re-read them, go back to pages and chapters as a reference and encourage other shop owners to read and re-read them as well. My business is small, its handmade and most of all it is a reflection of ME and all the things I love to create. Could my business grow even larger? Absolutely! Do I want it too? No, not right now… I have a career, a plethora of responsibilities and I’m perfectly content with my traffic flow, shop stats and orders… My little handmade business has grown beyond my wildest dreams and I couldn’t be more blessed and fortunate.




It NEVER FAILS… I’m always rushing around like a crazy crafter trying to get ready for a Boutique/Market, the week of the darn event. This Saturday, March 23, from 9-3 I’ll be at Penelope Lane Boutique in Seal Beach.  This will be the lil’ cupcake’s first show of the year, and I’m so not prepared. I decided today on my day off, I better get started and create new items, check my inventory from the last show, and of course, you know me, gotta change the look of my booth! Well not entirely, but just add a few little things!

procrastinationSeriously? I’m crazy for waiting this long. I started making chalk paint this morning, painting these darn wood crates (should have just left the darn things, I only painted 2/4, and was done! Sewing tags on burpies, cutting new fabric, don’t mind the toe picture, I dropped a pair of scissors and cut my poor 2nd toe open, no time for bandaids, a paper towel did the trick!

I feel like I barely made a dent in what I need to get done, and only have one day off until Saturday! Eeekkkkkk…. Oh well, it is what it is… Hopefully its a great show and I sell out! It’ll make this crazy mayhem worth it! Please remind me next time I have a show, not to procrastinate!


If numbers could talk


I’ve never been a fan of numbers, BUT when it comes to feedback, I’m all about them! When I first opened my shop, I read a few forums and other articles about how to gain positive feedback and watch your numbers grow. I never really thought a whole lot about it, but when the sales started increasing, I realized how important a NUMBER was when it came to feedback. I had purchased on ETSY prior to opening my own shop, and had purchased from ebay several times as well. As a customer, I’ve always made it a point to go back and give credit to where it deserves to be given. When you own a shop, that credit and recognition is in your feedback score. I truly believe that number, or score is a reflection of the shops customer service. It’s not everything, but it’s a whole lot! I know before I purchase something online and feedback is available, I ALWAYS read it!


Now as a shop owner, I’m a little OCD and meticulous when it comes to my feedback. I check it every day! I always want my customers to be 100% happy with their purchase and jump for joy when I have repeat shoppers! I have left feedback for every single one of my shoppers and every single shop I’ve purchased from. I’ve never left NEGATIVE feedback, I strongly believe that if you have a negative experience, it can be settled amongst the buyer and the seller. Try and work things out via email, or however you chose to communicate, and if that fails, then I guess you have reason to leave neutral or negative feedback.


Let the numbers do the talking, but don’t base everything off the numbers. Look at the number of sales a shop may have versus the amount of feedback they have. Make sure you READ the comments people have left under the feedback section, it will give you an even better picture of the customer service and quality of product you are about to purchase.  Whenever I  see negative RED marks left for shops, under their feedback, the customer usually never writes what was SO BAD about their experience or transaction {mean and evil, don’t do it!}. Remember that old saying, way back in the day when VHS tapes where the cool thing to rent, there was a little sticker on the tape, “Be kind, rewind.” When shopping on ETSY or ebay or any other shop that allows you the opportunity to leave feedback, please do so, it makes us shop owners happy. So, “Be friendly, leave feedback.” {but only if its positive! wink, wink}, and you shop owners, follow up with your customers, email them to make sure they were happy with their product or include a fun little thank you not attached to their package, it makes all the difference in the world!