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I am Crystal, I love to share my thoughts about my crazy chaotic busy life as a Full-time and then some Registered Nurse, Owner and Creator of a handmade shop, Office Slave for my Man’s growing Corporation, and so much more.

Here is my little space you will read about My life as a Nurse, find fun new shop products that I’ve created and listed, view craft tutorials, learn about my undiagnosed OCD traits, my love for my friends and family, and a glimpse into my everyday life.

I think of this space as my own. Because it is. It is my creation, my open journal and blanket to share my pictures, emotions and open my heart. I love comments, nice ones that is.

This is my life I choose to live, and so live it I will. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you’ll love what you see, subscribe to my blog and join in on this fun adventure, called LIFE.


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