the daily grind


Wow. It’s been awhile. Life has been a constant whirlwind. Battle. Rewarding. Fulfilling. Not Gratifying. Disturbing. Stressful. & filled with days of being Strong. It really is ironic & crazy to think how we are give one life. One life to live. One life to do all that we want. One life to sacrifice things we never thought we would. One life to give it all we’ve got. One life to live each day at its fullest. One life to cherish moments & make things happen. One life to grieve, hurt & morn.

Life lately has been filled with so many positive things. My shop has grown so much, It’s only June & I have made my goals that I set forth for the year, regarding sales, product production, followers & growth. It’s amazing to see the transformation, to smile & to be proud of my one man team.

Life has been filled with trials, battles & hurt. All the while, I look up at the sky & realize I have this amazing life and so much to be grateful for. I have gained strength, when I thought that I was going to walk away and give up. I have gained hope, when I thought that my life & worth wasn’t valued. I have gained an appreciation for the things that I take for granted, food, clothing, & shelter. But most of all, I have reminded myself that I cannot let the things in my life that I cannot control, control me.

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