MAAY Planner

MAAY Planner

Recently I had the opportunity to pre-order my new August 2013-July 2014 planner from my sweetest friend Emmy, from Much A do About You, a.k.a. MAAY. She seriously has the BEST planners, I’m obsessed with mine that I bought from her last year. I get so many compliments, it is beyond durable, it fits nicely in my big ole’ person and has held up better than ANY planner I’ve ever had. Most of you know I’ve got some serious OCD issues, and my planner follows suite. I have things color coordinated, crossed off, highlighted and so much more.

Emmy decided to stop printing her planners last year because it was taking her away from her family, I can’t blame her, I’m sort of in the same position. Fast forward: She decided to have 25 guinea pigs purchase her outsourced printed planners and do a little hand assembling to see how it went. Well, HELLO, I couldn’t pass it up! Her planners will be available June 1st! That’s tomorrow, so set your alarm clock and go get one! She will only have them for a limited time, I promise you will NOT be disappointed.

IMG_8322Let me first say, the packaging is to die for, I’m a sucker for packaging, I was so excited when I saw this bad boy popping out of the mail box

IMG_8323Not a single detail missed

IMG_8325Meet MY planner, LOVE! I had my cover created with a Custom option, she won’t have them available, BUT she will have instructions on how to do something fun and easy on your own and a SPECIAL exciting shop, will be offering fabric covers! Umm Hello I need another one

IMG_8327The insert tab instructions are super easy to follow, you can’t mess it up, promise!

IMG_8337See I did mine, and I’m so not capable of making anything straight, but I succeeding with my tabs

IMG_8329I love all the big boxes for the Monthly section, the next picture shows how I utilize my current one and use all my fun pens to satisfy my OCD

IMG_8343These planners make a busy schedule look so PRETTY!


I LOVE the new size, she will be offering 6 x 9 planners only, You can see my old one has held up AMAZINGLY and it was bigger, so I know this new one is going to do super in my purse!

IMG_8340If I haven’t convinced you to go get one, well then your just missing out, seriously! Go check out Emmy’s site and order one tomorrow! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, or if you have questions about printing times, design, covers, etc… you can find all your info over at Much A do About You!

Things I love MOST about MY planner:

The covers {front and back} are laminated, the printing quality is flawless, the design is unique and so handmade, the tabs are perfect and easily protected by the cover, there is plenty of room to write, doodle and jot down anything and everything, and the size is perfect!


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    1. Crystal Post author

      Thanks so much, I LOVE my planner! I use different colors of Paper Mate Ink Joy pens, and BIC Markers ultra fine point 🙂



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