A Rockabilly Baby Shower for Millie

This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to co-host a fun baby shower for Dave’s Cousin, Kristina. It was such a fun shower to style and create for, she’s expecting her first baby in July, its a girl, baby Millicent, “Millie” for short, but this soon to be Mama is not a fan of pink. I love her fun, young loving Rock-n-Roll style, so Rockabilly was perfect! Red, Black, White, Hints of teal and aqua blue/green with pops of cherries, skulls, records, music notes, roses and more were the perfect touches. Enjoy!

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A Carnival for Sonny

When one of your besties starts envisioning her son’s first birthday as he grows in her womb, you know you have to go all out. My dear friend Amanda and I started planning, prepping and went into party mayhem mode when baby Sonny was probably 3-6 Months old. The shopping started, pinning began and the crazy OCD “Auntie Crystal,” started getting busy putting our ideas to life. Sonny’s party was this past Saturday, It was a blast, and turned out perfect. We could have done without the gusts of wind, but heck, at least it wasn’t 90 degrees out or raining! Blessings, friends, Blessings. Prepare for picture overload. She wanted a Carnival with a touch of Dumbo, who could ask for more, it was adorable.

Each table had a fun colorful runner with a carnival/dumbo centerpiece, we ate scrumptious hot dog and turkey dogs from the most adorable hot dog cart, accompanied by a spinning rack of every chip you could imagine and enjoyed a sweat treat and snack table. While there was a jumper for the kids in the front yard, they also enjoyed our make shift carnival games in the back, Ping Pong Toss, Bean Bag Toss & Ring Toss. They were a hit! The FAVORS for the kids, Real Gold Fish! Kids loved them, the parents, not so much…IMG_2427IMG_2428









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A Boho Dreams Baby Brunch

Okay, this post has been a long time coming. I have been so excited to share photos from a very special day, and low and behold, I finally got around to it. Last month, my friend Monick & I had the honor of hosting a small intimate brunch to celebrate our friend Renee, who was expecting baby #3. Annika has since arrived, and she is just precious.DSC_5131



I had the honor of working with Modify Ink for all of the amazing printables, including the favor cards, place cards, food cards, banner, and so much more. I knew when I met Rachel, the owner and creator Modify Ink that anything she had to offer on her site was going to be perfection. Once I saw the Boho Dreams set, I knew that was going to be the theme for this special day. And let me tell you, she did not disappoint for a second. All the items on the site are customizable, including color combos. Umm HELLO, thats a party planner’s dream! DSC_5079DSC_5086IMG_2162







We opted for a brunch, and we had so much fun eating scrumptious sandwiches, sweet treats and drinking refreshing beverages and a splash of bubbly.


The best part about a small brunch, is the intimacy & closeness you feel amongst friends. It makes it easier to talk and visit with everyone, and celebrate what matters most.DSC_5185DSC_5153




I thought this was a perfect quote, so with the help of Modify Ink I created this as the favor to take home



We must not forget the amazing cookies that accompanied the print. HELLO, is Margaret from Blue Sugar Cookie Co. not beyond talented?




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the daily grind


Wow. It’s been awhile. Life has been a constant whirlwind. Battle. Rewarding. Fulfilling. Not Gratifying. Disturbing. Stressful. & filled with days of being Strong. It really is ironic & crazy to think how we are give one life. One life to live. One life to do all that we want. One life to sacrifice things we never thought we would. One life to give it all we’ve got. One life to live each day at its fullest. One life to cherish moments & make things happen. One life to grieve, hurt & morn.

Life lately has been filled with so many positive things. My shop has grown so much, It’s only June & I have made my goals that I set forth for the year, regarding sales, product production, followers & growth. It’s amazing to see the transformation, to smile & to be proud of my one man team.

Life has been filled with trials, battles & hurt. All the while, I look up at the sky & realize I have this amazing life and so much to be grateful for. I have gained strength, when I thought that I was going to walk away and give up. I have gained hope, when I thought that my life & worth wasn’t valued. I have gained an appreciation for the things that I take for granted, food, clothing, & shelter. But most of all, I have reminded myself that I cannot let the things in my life that I cannot control, control me.

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Meet Alivia Grace

Meet sweet Alivia. She came on board with us when she was just a little 4 Month old peanut. Watching her grow has been so fun, but I’m sure her Mama Kelsey would love to freeze time. This little fashionista has an adorable sense of style, her Mama always has her in some sort of bow, headband or accessory, even if its just a quick trip to Target. When our inbox is filled with emails from Kelsey, we are sure to get lots of pictures of this sweet babe! We adore you sweet girl and are so fortunate and blessed to have you on our team. If you want to go shopping today, head over to the shop and save 10% off with Alivia’s Shopping Code: CUPCAKE04.




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Meet Everly Quinn

Okay, little Miss Everly Quinn is here today to say HELLO. She was our very first Brand Rep. Her amazing Mama, Amanda, is an Orange County photographer, and can be found here. Amanda had purchased several headbands from the shop. When little miss Ev was only about 10 Months old, we were smitten with the photos that arrived in our inbox just a few days after her Mama’s package had arrived in her mailbox. Lets be honest, nothing makes a shop owner more happy, excited and over the moon, but an email filled with photos of customers sporting their handmade goods. Amanda captured Everly wearing her lil’ cupcake goods and we knew we had to have her on our team. It’s all a blur now, but we are confident that Everly was the start of our Brand Rep search and “lets dive in head first and go full force with a Brand Rep Program.” She forever will hold a very special place in our hearts. Its hard to believe this little princess is already approaching a year plus a few months old…Everly is sharing her discount shopping code with you today, head over to the shop and pick up something for 10% off, heck your whole order will be 10% off, use coupon code: CUPCAKE01.

Everly Quinn

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Meet Finley Grace

Let’s introduce you all to the amazing littles behind the lil cupcake shop. I dedicate this week to the amazing brand reps that we are beyond fortunate to have. During the Fall of 2014, October to be exact, we decided that our items needed to be featured on the noggins, bodies and whatever’s, of little ones around the nation. What better way to display your handmade goods for littles! It makes more sense to show off your fun fabrics, patterns, and goods on the littles who they are suited for, right? We hosted a fun competition, well, more like a “post your best pics of your baby darlings in fun products.” Last Fall we chose 5 of our favorites to represent the lil’ cupcake. First on the list, is Miss Finley. When Fin joined the lil’ cupcake family she was just 4 Months old, and now is almost a whopping 9 months old!

It has been so fun to watch her grow, so hard to believe she has been with the lil’ cupcake family since she was only 4 Months old. We adore her Mama, Brittany, she seriously rocks the camera like nobodies business, but after all she has a pretty darn amazing model. Fin has the most amazing blue eyes, perfect round little face, and personality to light up the room! We are beyond grateful to have Finley as a member of our family, and we adore her! If you feel like grabbing some awesome goodies in the shop today, Finley is sharing her shopping code, which will save you 10%, enter code: CUPCAKE02.


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Lost, but not forgotten


This neglected place of mine, the blog. The blog has been thought about on numerous occasions, sometimes a few times throughout the day. I always have great ambitions, goals & plans for this space of mine. For one reason or another, they never seem to get from this constant idea flowing brain of mine to this little login page on world press. Well, low and behold, the neurons were firing tonight, and instead of thinking out loud, I logged in. Shocked that I even could recall the password to get to this point. To sit here and say how busy and crazy life has been would be absurd, to say that the shop has been busier than ever would be factual, and to say that my “Nurse” career, “girlfriend” to the corporate business owner, aka “Office Manager Girl” have been slow, would be a fib. It’s so surreal how life catches up with you in the most mysterious ways. I always tell myself, “If I had 100 hours in one day I could get so much accomplished.” Factual? , or reality? , I would probably just take a nap & tell myself, “I’ll get to the to-do list later.” It’s hard to believe that March is just 6 days away, you know what that means? I’ll be a year older, HELLO 34! How the heck did you get here so damn fast. It feels like yesterday that I was turning the big 3-0! There have been some not.so.fun things going on in life, but there have also been some amazing things blessing us in so many ways. I hope that these neurons will continue to fire and that I will come back to this space of mine. It feels amazing to put these memories, thoughts and ambitions to good use, & let my fingers do the sharing. I may be lost, but I will not be forgotten.

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Holiday Home Tour 2014

Okay. Guilty. I haven’t been blogging. Grrr… I’m here today to share a few pics of our home. It’s been all dressed up for the Holidays since November, I won’t spill the beans of exactly when in November I started, but the holidays fly by, I can’t believe Christmas is in 12 days. Lord help us all. I kept things very traditional this year, Red, White, Burlap & Natural Hues along with hints of Gold. I put up my wreaths, but somehow forgot to snap pics, whoops. My dinning room table is still not finished because Mr. D has his paperwork spread out, go figure. It’s warm and homey and thats what I love best about the holidays.








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