Oh hello friend & Cricut

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to attend a small craft party with my friend Monick at Oh Hello Friend in Fullerton. Our very talented and amazing friend Andrea was hosting this event, and featuring the new Cricut machine.


There was about 20 of us ladies that mingled, painted, played with the new machine, ate amazing yummies prepared by Andrea & sipped on fun drinks & wine. I rarely get a girls night out, so when I found out about the event, I knew I had to be there.

IMG_3877The event space was so adorable. I wish I owned this little space.

IMG_3875 IMG_3855We got to play around with the new cricut machine, I opted to create a fun vinyl sheet that I ended up using at home that night to place over a frame with a fun map in it.

IMG_3867 IMG_3872Here is my sign I created

IMG_3887We also made these fun, honeycomb wood painted art pieces using a stencil that was cut using the cricut

IMG_3869Okay, ready for the best part of the night? One of the guests at the party would be WINNING a FREE Cricut machine. We all put our names in a basket, and Andrea picked. Andrea, “Crystal Lee!.” Shut the front door! I won, I freaking won the CRICUT! I’m still in shock, I’m so excited to put it to use and still can’t believe I WON something so amazing.







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Serendipity & Wedding Vows

A few weeks ago we headed out to Redlands for a weekend wedding. Mr. D was in the wedding, so the festivities were all weekend long, but the wedding happened to be Sunday afternoon. They had a beautiful ceremony at Serendipity Gardens¬†and the reception followed shortly after. I’m not going to lie, it was in tim-buck-too and I had my doubts on the location. Hello, it was AMAZING. So much my style, very rustic, beautiful, peaceful and perfect.

Wedding1Every little detail was so special. The venue is pretty new, but the best part is they do everything for you. The view was amazing, the white carriage that brought Karin down the long hill hidden from her guests and husband to be, was the perfect touch of romance.

Wedding2All the drinks were served in Mason Jars, the outdoor fire pit had a amore bar, the outside fireplace had a couch for seating, and the long sparklers as they ventured off to married life as husband and wife.



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Penelope Lane Boutique: Spring 2014

PLB Spring 2014Oh boutique season, how we have a love/hate relationship. I love participating in Boutiques, meeting new people, buying awesome handmade goodies and catching up with all the amazingly talented vendors. This past weekend, on March 29, the lil’ cupcake kicked off boutique season. Penelope Lane Boutique is one of my favorites. I just adore Nancy and Sarah the two master minds behind all the organization, hard work, social media shout outs and so much more.

I’ll admit, I always have big plans on how I’m going to start sewing, creating and prepping weeks in advance, and as usual, I’m busting my butt and mass producing the week and usually night before. I usually always magically have a ton of inventory with me, which is important to me. This show was BUSY, the busiest show I’ve ever had. I was so thankful my dear friend Monick stayed with me at my booth, helped me bag orders, went out and got us lunch and allowed me to run to the bathroom and get in a little shopping while she manned the chaos.

Without mentioning digits, and numerical values, it was pretty dang awesome! I did the best I’ve ever done, and for that, I am so grateful.

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forgoing my full-time RN Job

rot2On March 22, I became a new woman. Well, not so much. I’ve been contemplating quitting my full-time job for quite sometime now. I’ve been constantly battling myself to take the plunge and just go for it. I had fears and still do. Will I be okay financially? Will I miss the crazy hustle and bustle of my life as a nurse? Will I regret the decision I made? After many hours of complaining to Mr. D about how unhappy I was, how stressful my position as a full-time charge nurse had become, how drained I felt and how I was losing passion for my career, he gave me the “ok, it’s time babe,” talk. He’s been begging me to quit for a long time now, but he knew it wasn’t up to him. He’s always been 100% supportive in whatever I want to do, choose to do and strive to do. As his business continues to grow, the work load of the company has been requiring me to spend more time in our home office. It was the perfect time to be “okay,” with my decision to cut back hours at the hospital and fulfill my financial needs by working in the office more.

The Nurses, Social workers, Doctors and staff were so sweet. On my last full-time day, they had lunch brought in, a cake, party hats and gave me a card telling me how awesome I am. Hello! Tears. Mr. D thought I was crazy when I told him what they did, “Babe, you’re not leaving for good!” Anyways, so far it hasn’t really sunk in. I’m still busy and time will tell if my life will slow its roll and the parking brake will be used.


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Oh, hey there!

photo-13Finally a moment of peace and quiet. Finally a moment to sit by myself in the Library at HOAG Hospital and write. I’m in the surgical waiting room, non the less, waiting for my Dad to get out of surgery. Nervous, but I know he will be fine when they remove his kidney stone that’s his ‘baby,’ as he tells the Nurses. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a moment to myself, to sit, gather my feelings and come to my happy little blog. So much has been going on. So many changes. So many new endeavors, milestones, and experiences. I look forward to making it a priority to come to this little place of mine. It’s been way to long and long overdue. Here are some updates for the time being:

-I am no longer working Full-Time as a Registered Nurse. I’m working per-diem at both hospitals. What in the heck does that mean? It means I’m working about half the hours I was before.

-I have lost 25 lbs. I’ve hit my first weight loss goal, which was to lose 25 lbs. by my Birthday.

-Oh , I had a Birthday, I’m a year older, and wiser. Cheers to being 33!

-I’be been creating lots and lots of new items for my cute little shop, and the shop has been blessing me beyond belief with plenty of orders

-Our friends Karin and Josh got married, we got to be a part of their special day.

-My beautiful cousins’ littles turned one. They’re so precious and darling.

-My relationship with Mr. D is going amazing, better then ever, can you imagine that after 10 years?

-It’s boutique season, I had my first one last weekend and it was my best one yet


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Shop Happenings

newproductThe shop has been forever growing and I couldn’t be more happy. I’ve been trying to create new fun products when I have an inch of time to spare. I picked up some new fun fabrics that are perfect for Spring and Summer. I’m working hard on getting things listed in the shop and ready for my upcoming boutiques. The Diaper straps are going to be a new offered product for those busy mamas who just want to grab a diaper or two and a few wipes. So fun and exciting! Stay tuned…

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Maui 2014

A few weeks ago, we packed our bags and headed to Maui for 5 days. Every year Mr. D buys electrical supplies from a wholesale house and in return we are offered an incentive trip, if we meet our base quota for the year. This years trip was to Maui. This time we stayed in Lahaina which was beautiful. The best part about this trip was our best friends that have now moved to Seattle, happened to be in Maui, Lahaina to be exact for the entirety of our trip as well. BONUS!

Hawaii1I was so wrapped up in enjoying R&R that I left my camera in the hotel room during the trip. All these pictures were snapped on my I phone. We enjoyed long walks to Whalers village, dinning out with our friends and enjoying their company. We did a whole lot of nothing, which was just what we needed! The weather was great, warm and sunny, except when the showers dumped down upon us on the last day.


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hello monday// Missing in Action Recap



Well… Hello, hello, hello.

I’ve been missing in action over here, on this blog of mine. I’ve had “blog posts’ noted on my to do lists, however, I’ve yet to complete my to do’s. What have you all been up to? I’ve been busy, go figure! But a good busy… Let me fill you in.

IMG_2945We were in Maui at the end of January, for some much needed time away, hanging out with our awesome friends from Seattle and enjoying some sunshine…

IMG_3076I’ve been working hard on my fitness journey, eating right, working out and finding time for ME, happy to say I’m down 14 lbs.

IMG_2909The shop has been keeping me VERY busy, trying to create new fun products and work on my branding

Oh… I’ve been working at the HOSPITAL(s), duh! Thats a given. Just wanted to pop in for a Hello Monday post! Maybe I’ll get back on track! Happy Monday!

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without ME, I have nothing

photo-8This morning on my 2.5 mile walk, I looked up, took this picture, & found beauty in everything around me. Today is day #22 of my vacation, tomorrow I go back to work. I never really thought a whole lot about what I wanted to accomplish during my time off. Most of my friends and family told me to do ‘nothing,’ to just ‘relax’ and do whatever I wanted. I will admit, those things are very hard for me to do.

The first 7 days of my vacation is a blur. It was filled with rushing around, decorating, cleaning and prepping for the holidays. It was almost more work being off than just going to the hospital for a 12 hour shift. Once the holidays were over, I fell into a slump. Lost, feeling alone and not sure what to do with myself. Thankfully I snapped out of that after a few days. What I vowed to do for myself on December 29, was to be more ACTIVE. I’ve felt so much better since last Monday and I’m a little worried and apprehensive to go back to work tomorrow. It’s hard to believe that in the last 8 days I’ve learned so much about myself, and have begun to fall in love with the person I am becoming.

I’ve learned that I have to take time for ME

I’ve learned that without myself, I have nothing and can be nothing for anyone else

I’ve taken time everyday to be more ACTIVE, to walk, to eat healthy and to avoid temptation

I’ve grown closer and closer to Mr. D everyday, it’s amazing how much you can give and put forth in a relationship when you’re feeling better about yourself

I’ve been living without fear and anxiety

I’ve learned that the little things that don’t matter, can wait

I’ve learned to smile again and find JOY in everyday life


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hello monday

hellomondayHello and Happy Monday. I’m back to my hello monday’s and will be featuring pic collages in black and white. Not sure why I chose to do black and white, but I did, and love it! This is my second to last day off work, I go back on Wednesday and reality hasn’t really hit yet. BAM! Come Wednesday it’s back to the daily grind, but hopefully not for long {details coming later}. This past week was productive, sort of, and filled with more fun memories with my family. It’s been so awesome seeing my huge loving family 2 x in 3 weeks, I hope this year holds more events and gatherings for us to all hang out.

PicMonkey CollagemonHello to climbing up on the roof, taking down ALL the Christmas lights and having the neighbor rescue me! Next time I’ll listen to Mr. D and not try and do it myself.

Hello to clean and healthy eating

Hello to filing loads and loads and loads of paperwork with the pups for Mr. D

Hello to being more active, riding my bike to get a healthy lunch

Hello to a Sunday, helping my cousin Mal and her soon to be sister in law prep for a rustic wedding with burlap and lace

Hello to such an amazing and fun night with my family at Starr Ranch celebrating my Aunt Kathy turning 60! {full post to come}

Hello to decorating the mantel for our everyday life… Reality hit, the holidays are over

Happy Monday, Hope you have a great week!


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